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The Institute of Project Management Professionals Ghana train Project Management Professionals (PMP) to become the national backbone of various countries, organization and ready to meet and overcome risks/challenges.

Institute Formation

Public and non-profit organizations are requiring certified project managers as projects grow in complexity and donors demand transparency, accountability and efficiency. Project management skills are applicable to a growing range of development areas including: Education, Water and sanitation, Health, Agriculture and natural resources, Environmental, Fundraising, Nutrition, Advocacy, Emergency and Economic development. To be successful, organizations need to support project management from the top down and create a flexible framework consisting of practices, competencies, and techniques scaled to their specific project demands (Ackah, D., 2016).

In view of this, Institute of Project Management Professionals was established with the commitment of providing resources, develop knowledge and expertise to support development of Ghana in her efforts to achieve this ambitious goals by training and certifying project managers and practitioners in Ghana.

The Institute of Project Management Professionals (IPMP) is a Licensing and Regulatory Professional Body in Ghana, incorporated under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179), and duly registered as a Professional Body in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Bodies Registration Decree, 1973 (National Revolution Council Degree 143) as Chartered Project Management Institute (CPMI) to train professionals in project management with Professional Bodies Registration No. PB 68.

The institute is approved by Ministry of Education through the Ghana Education Service (GES), a registered TVET Center and recognized professional body for Council for Technical and Vocational Education & Training (COTVET-Ghana), affiliate to National Board of Professional & Technical Examination (NABPTEX-Ghana), and American Academy of Project Management (AAPM-USA) for mentoring of its Professional Membership Examination. The institute is an accrediting member of Global Alliance of Project Management Profession, (GAPPS-Australia), and Institute of Professional Bodies Ghana.

Conference Media Center

The annual conference is the institute’s supreme organ; its decisions, taken regularly, are binding on dissidents and absentees who have not sought representation. It consists of all the members of the institute. Members are invited to attend an annual conference held second (2nd) Saturday of October every year and, as a general rule, each time that the interests of the institute call for such a meeting. The institute code mandate it on the executive board in consultation of governing council to called for annual conference yearly as stated above.

 Membership Levels

The Institute of Project Management Professionals have three categories with nine grades of membership levels based on experience, responsibility and education. The Foundation Level consist of Student Member, Associate Member, & Full Member, the Intermediate Level also include the Chartered Member, Master Practitioner, & Project Consultant or Engineer, whiles the professional level of membership includes: Fellow, Distinguished Fellow, and Honorary Fellow. The Institute have two routes of becoming a member. Candidate who have at least four years working experience in the Project Management field, have the opportunity of becoming a member of the institute.

IPMP Online Business

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The Institute (IPMP) Fellows

The Institute Project Management Professionals Fellows (FPMP) are the senior advocates of the profession, the highest grade of membership; an accolade that recognizes individuals project management outstanding level of achievement, knowledge and experience in project management and other related filed, along with your passion, drive and determination to advance the profession for the public good. The Fellow is a globally recognized mark of your professional standing and reputation; an opportunity to widen your sphere of influence, using your achievements and insights to inspire others, raise the public profile of the profession and play a major role in setting the global strategy for the future of project management profession. 

This level of membership grade does not require any professional examination but requires industrial experience of executing one-billion-dollar project as a project consultant, project manager, and a team member on the project board. Applicant should hold a Master’s Degree from recognized academic institutions or fellow from recognized professional body with 20 – 25 years working experience as a project consultant and been able to execute one-billion-dollar project contract before applying for this membership.  

The Honorary Fellow is granted to individuals whose expertise is not only limited to high records of academia but with a vast working experiences in executing project.  Although the individual may not necessarily need to first be IPMP Fellow, the individual must meet the primary criteria established for IPMP Fellowship: having made a significant development and/or outstanding contribution to the advancement of the profession, the project management industry. 

This level of membership is the highest grade of membership and does not require any professional examination but requires industrial experience of executing five-billion-dollar project as a project consultant, project manager, or team member on the project board.  Applicant must hold a Doctorate Degree from a recognized academic institution with over 30 years working experience as a project manager or Project Consultant before applying.

IPMP Accreditation

The Institute of Project Management Professionals was established and licensed in Ghana, as a Prestigious, Examining, Licensing and Regulatory Professional Body, after meeting the statutory requirements, on 19th May 2016, the Institute was duly registered as a Professional Body in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Bodies Registration Decree, 1973 (NRCD 143) with Professionals Bodies Registration No.: PB. 68. Given under the Registrar of Professional Bodies at Accra-Ghana. The Institute of Project Management Professionals was incorporated under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) as a Company limited by shares, on the 10th of February 2017 with a Company Registration No:CS0512120217 and a Tax Identification No.: C0007798652 with mandate to train and regulate professionals in the field of project management, conduct examination and grant membership certification to its members, to publish on matters relating to national project development, matters of professionals interest and any such other means.

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Institute of Project Management Professionals Executive Board

The Executive Board are the management members for the day to day running activities of the institute, and it is constituting the executive director and the six voting members (President, Finance Director, Registrar, Ethics & Conduct Director, Strategic & Special Project Director, and Membership Director). Constitutes the principal leadership of the Institute and speaks on behalf of the Institute to Government, institute bodies, groups, within or outside the institute, bears the chief responsibility for overseeing the prudent use of the Institute’s assets. Approves written communication addressed to the members, whether signed by the President or by the officers, that states a formal position of the Institute or makes a formal request on behalf of the Institute. Ensures that the annual conference decisions are executed and it is invested with the most extensive powers to carry out or authorise any actions which are not exclusively the reserve of the annual conference and which are in compliance with the institute’s objects.

  • Dr. Stephen Hammond (DBA)

    Dr. Stephen Hammond (DBA) is currently the President of the Institute of Project Management...Read more


    President Of IPMP Ghana
  • Hajia Amina Sammo (PhD)

    Hajia Amina Sammo (PhD) is a Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA),...Read more


    Registrar of IPMP Ghana
  • David Ackah (PhD)

    David Ackah (PhD) is a very experienced and innovative project management professional with sound...Read more


    Executive Director IPMP Ghana

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