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Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level

The IPMP Intermediate Level Certification (IPMP-ILC) builds upon foundational project management knowledge and skills, aiming to effectively enhance participants’ abilities to manage and lead projects of moderate complexity and size. This program typically targets individuals with prior project management experience or those who have completed the IPMP Foundation Level Certification (IPMP-FLC) training. The IPMP Intermediate Level Certification (IPMP-ILC) is divided into levels, including Chartered (ChPMP), Master (MhPMP), and Consultant (CPMC).

The IPMP Intermediate Level Certification (IPMP-ILC) aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required for project management consulting services and more challenging project management roles and responsibilities. It typically involves practical exercises, case studies, and discussions to reinforce learning and application of concepts in real-world project scenarios. Completing this program can be a stepping towards pursuing IPMP Professional Level Certification (IPMP-PLC) or higher-level project management positions within organisations.

To attain the IPMP Intermediate Level Certification (IPMP-ILC, candidates must typically fulfil the following prerequisites:

  • Education Requirements: You must possess a recognised bachelor’s or master’s degree or global equivalent and ten years or more experience in leading project execution.
  • Project Management Education: Complete the eleven (11) online CPD courses of formal project management education provided by the Institute of Project Management Professionals and its Registered Education Provider (REP) or academic institution recognised by the Institute of Project Management Professionals Ghana (IPMP).
  • Pass the IPMP Licensed Examination Online: Successfully pass the IPMP certification exam, which tests knowledge and application of project management concepts based on the IPMP Licensed Examination Syllabus (IPMP-LES).
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