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Certificate Award

The link between cost, quality and profitability cannot be decoupled. As organizations source globally, they encounter enormous challenges with the managing project. The effective management of strategic project operations and distribution across the globe becomes a key management issue. This programme is aimed at training specialist project management professionals to address the inadequacies of personnel. The project management professional’s concentration includes the requirements needed to maximize exemptions for the university degree.

In addition, business and general education courses are incorporated to ensure professionals receive a well-rounded professional business education, with an emphasis on business decision-making and analysis, strategic management, and teamwork. The professional certification programme will offer those who are not planning on pursuing an academic degree the flexibility to choose electives specialization in level 6 from other project management areas and/or non-business courses.

At the end of the professional certification programme project management professionals would be skilled in expediting project management by prudently crashing certain activities, conducting Risk analysis, Resource allocation, use MS and Critical Chains.

Members of the Institute of Project Management Professionals Programmes will be awarded certificates upon completing all the professional practicum and course requirement of the institute programme.  The institute, by its Professional Bodies Approval with National Revolution Council Decree (NRCD 143) 1973, registered TVET Center for Council for Technical & Vocational Education & Training (COTVET) and its affiliation with National Board of Professional & Technical Examination (NABPTEX), has autonomy to issue certificates and transcripts to members.

The institute issue the following certifications: Professional Academic Certification with Transcript, Membership Certification, & Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certificates after the completion of all professional academic requirement, membership requirement, Continuous Professional Development programme each quarterly of the institute as stated by the institute code of conduct (Constitution).

Certificate of Participation to any person who attend the institute institute social responsibilities programmes, training, seminars, conferences, Continuous Professional Development, research, consultancy services, etc. All certificates issued the by the institute remains the property of the institute, and has the right to revoke those certificates and make it invalid.

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