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Individual Awards

The IPMP Individual Awards are annual awards celebrating outstanding individual achievements. An international group of judges selects the winners that are presented the awards at a regional or world congress. Winning an individual provides you or your organisation international recognition of your efforts. The Individual Awards celebrate excellence in the following categories:

  • Young Project Manager of the Year
  • Project Manager of the Year
  • Agile Leader of the Year
  • Project Consultant of the Year
  • Project Procurement Engineer of the Year
  • Project Financial Engineer of the Year
  • Project Health & Safety Engineer of the Year


The Ghana Project Management Practitioners Awards recognize individuals who can prove outstanding project management competence, regardless of scale or the number of projects completed.

Benefits of competing in the GPMP Awards are considerable for all applicants, including:

  • Acknowledgement of excellence by their own organisation through their support of the application
  • Recognition and reward at national, regional and international levels
  • The opportunity to have yourself or your project reviewed by a panel of highly experienced impartial international project managers
  • Benchmarking of your project management competences and innovation against your peers who have completed similar projects
  • National winners are provided with a unique opportunity to attend the international awards celebrations each year and network with other applicants from across the globe
  • Local, national, regional and global publicity of project management excellence by the team members, project manager and their sponsoring organisation

IPMP Individual Awards Eligibility

The annual PMP Individual Awards recognise individuals who can prove outstanding project management competence, regardless of scale or the number of projects completed. The Individual Awards include three categories:

Young Project Manager of the Year

To be eligible the applicant must be:

  • Between 18 to 35 years old on the date of their initial submission of their Application Report
  • A project professional who has worked on a programme or project for at least six months within the past two years
  • A highly motivated and skilled programme or project leader who creates a productive work environment within which their project team members can excel
  • Innovative in their application of project management principles and practices
  • Able to apply their technical and management skills in a balanced manner

 Project Manager of the Year

To be eligible the applicant must:

  • Be a project professional who has managed a programme or project for at least six months within the past two years
  • Be a capable leader, communicator and motivator who inspires their team members towards excellent achievements
  • Be a strategic thinker who ensures that their team’s performance is optimised and focussed on achieving or surpassing the project objectives
  • Be a highly competent programme or project manager who demonstrates outstanding and innovative technical and behavioural competences
  • Have incorporated sustainability into project objectives and project delivery

 Agile Leader of the Year

To be eligible the applicant must:

  • Made impact in an Agile environment by successfully realising changes or implementing an agile way of working in an organisation
  • Created a productive work environment as well as the drive and impetus to make things happen,
  • Have balanced technical and management skill
  • Juggled different views and perspectives, backgrounds and personalities
  • Maintained focus ensuring their team’s performance is optimised and the objectives are met
  • Sought to incorporate the recognised ten principles of sustainability into projects undertaken.

 Project Consultant of the Year Award

The IPMP is proud to honor excellence consultant in project management through its Project Consultant of the Year Award (PCOY). This award is given each year to a deserving Project Consultant who exemplifies the values we hold as Project Management practitioners.

Interested in applying

The IPMP Individual Awards are intended to support the Ghanaian project management community and not just IPMP members. Any programme or project manager whether an IPMP member or not can apply for IPMP Individual Award.

IPMP Individual Awards Application Process

See the figure below for important steps to follow in the IPMP Individual Awards application process. If you are interested in applying for an Individual Award, download below the Submission Guidelines gather the required information and complete the Application Form.

How to prepare to the IPMP Individual Awards?

Collecting the required evidence and completing the Application Form provides you with a unique opportunity to review and document your own and your team’s performance whilst deriving lessons learnt that you can apply to future initiatives. It also requires you to proactively engage with your project sponsor, client and key stakeholders. The Application Form requires you to demonstrate, through narratives and documentary evidence, outstanding achievement and/or innovation in project management over a cumulative period of more than two years. The project(s) can be of any complexity, value, location or industry sector as it is the quality of the project management, not the project itself, which is the basis of the judges’ evaluation.

The Ghanaian basis of the IPMP Individual Awards allows that awards applicants are permitted to submit evidence in their English Language. The maximum number of pages of the submission will then be increased in equal amount to the number of pages of the translation at no penalty to the applicant.

IPMP Individual Awards Assessment Process

All submissions for the IPMP Individual Awards are assessed on:

  • Clarity and succinctness of the application
  • Compliance with IPMP Individual Awards Submission Guideline
  • Outstanding achievement and innovation in technical and behavioural competences
  • Quality of supporting evidence
  • Interview results

All submissions must be fully compliant with the IPMP Individual Awards Submission Guideline and must be endorsed by the Project Sponsor, Client/Owner or your immediate supervisor.  Assessment of all submissions, whether at the national, regional or international level, is conducted by a highly experienced panel of expert project managers using standardised application templates and judging criteria. The assessment criteria for the Individual Awards are based upon the IPMP Professional Competence Baseline®). After the judges have individually assessed each application, they meet to shortlist potential finalists. The judges then interview potential finalists via video teleconference or telephone. The individual judges’ scores for the interview are then added to their scores for the Application Form to determine the finalists and the recipient of the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

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