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Annual Conference

The annual conference is the institute’s supreme organ; its decisions, taken regularly, are binding on dissidents and absentees who have not sought representation. It consists of all the members of the institute. Members are invited to attend an annual conference held second (2nd) Saturday of October every year and, as a general rule, each time that the interests of the institute call for such a meeting. The institute code mandate it on the executive board in consultation of governing council to called for annual conference yearly as stated above.

Written notification to attend, accompanied by the agenda, is sent to every member, at least 30 days before the annual conference. Any useful information concerning the annual conference thus called will be held at the disposal of each member at the head office of the institute. Each active member only has one sole vote. Every active member can be represented by another active member, in the knowledge that one member cannot be proxy to more than two members annual voting or election. Associate and honorary members do not have voting rights and cannot represent an active member at the annual voting.

Competence of the Annual Conference

The annual conference determines the institute’s general policy within the limits of its objects and of its Articles of Institute. It hears the reports on the executive board by the membership body and on the financial and moral status of the institute.

It approves the accounts of the past financial year, fixes the sum of the three-yearly subscription fee on the executive board proposal and votes the budget of the financial year. During this meeting, the place of the meeting which is to close the following financial year is also decided.

It approves the possible internal rules and regulations proposed by the executive board. As a general rule, it takes a stand on every problem which does not, statutory, come within the competence of an annual conference.

Rules of Quorum and Majority

The annual conference will only be able to deliberate legitimately if at least 20% of the active members having paid the membership fee are present or are represented. The deliberations of the annual conference are adopted in a first ballot by absolute majority of the members who are present or are represented.

In the event of this majority not being reached, the deliberation will be adopted in a second ballot by relative majority of valid votes of the members who are present or are represented. In the event of votes being equal, the President has the casting vote. Votes are cast by a show of hands, unless at least a quarter of the members who are present or are represented demand a secret ballot.

Voting by mail is possible when decided by the executive board for active members not being present or represented at the annual conference concerning all decisions announced in the invitation to the annual conference, using the voting material attached to the invitation and following the outlined procedure. Votes by mail must have arrived at the institute’s office named in the invitation two weeks prior to the general annual conference.


The Institute Induction

The institute induction shall be the process of introducing new members to the institute, code, culture and processes with the aim of bringing them up to speed as quickly as possible as well as making them feel socially comfortable and aware of their professional responsibilities. The institute induct new members during the institute annual conference as stated in 6.2 (b)

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