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Organizational Structure

The institute organizational structure has a defined organization chart and logo which represents the human body in motion, and is depicted with enthusiasm, optimism, confidence and achievement.

Institute Logo

The institute is a combination of text and visual imagery that serves two purposes. It tells members and the general public the name of the institute and it creates a visual symbol that represents the institute.  The logo is always used in accordance in all promotion and is therefore connected with the seal of the institute on all certifications.

Organization Breakdown Structures (IPMP OBS)

The Organization Breakdown Structures (OBS) is an intuitive and reflection of the institute structure, one of the most common diagrams to illustrate the relationships among departments, superiors, and subordinates vividly and briefly. It shall define as a top-bottom, with icon list, architecture diagram which can automatically increase the vertical level. Its show the correlation among organizational unit in the form of graphics and provides great convenience for members and the general public to view detailed information on the institute organizational units as well as the associated position and personnel.

  • Purposes of Creating the institute Organization Breakdown Structures (OBS) shall be to:
  • Displays function division.
  • Allows people to know whether right and responsibility are set properly or not.
  • Tell if someone is under the overweight workload.
  • Assist people in finding if there is someone undertaking relevant work and staying idle.
  • Help managers to identify if some talented workers haven’t been able to draw out the best in themselves.
  • Help managers to notice if some unqualified person holds an important position.

IPMP Chapter Organization Breakdown Structure

Members of the Institute of Project Management Professionals can form country (local) chapters. The Institute encourages local chapters as a means of advancing its mission, increasing membership and preparing individuals for leadership roles on the national level. The following guide provides information on the process of forming chapters. Institute of Project Management Professionals is an effective national organization which delivers a range of benefits to members. There are many things that can be accomplished on a local level much more effectively. Local chapters serve as a venue for members to get together, exchange views, and attend continuing education courses and social activities. Local chapters can regularly interact in a local community to provide programs or activities that directly impact the oral health. And, most importantly, a local organization is aware of and sensitive to the needs that are unique to every community. For these reasons, the creation of a local chapter would make sense and provide value to project management professionals. Therefore, forming a local chapter, the leadership formation must conform to the Institute of Project Management Professionals Chapter Organizational Breakdown Structure.


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