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Project Management Research Awards

On a yearly basis, IPMP recognises outstanding project management research carried out by young researchers, established researchers, and teams. Researchers with an outstanding lifetime contribution to project management research may also be recognised via an Achievement Award. The IPMP Research Awards promote excellence in the research community.

 Benefits for researchers

  • Receive recognition from a global group of judges.
  • Gain visibility in the global research community.

Project Management Research Awards Categories

The IPMA recognises researchers and research initiatives in three categories:

  • Project Management Young Researcher Award
    • Outstanding research of a young researcher (someone up to the age of 36 than 10 years involved in research).’
  • Project Management Researcher Award:
    • Outstanding research project of a researcher or research team.
  • Project Management Research Achievement Award:
    • Life-time achievement recognition of a researcher who has shaped the discipline of project management with their contribution. Per nomination only.

The assessment process is a judged process. The Judges for the Research Awards consists of a group of about 10 persons, and is mixture of scholars, practitioners and representatives of IPMP Member Associations.

Project Management Research Awards Application Process

See the figure below for important steps to follow in the IPMP Research Awards application process. If you are interested in applying for a research Award, download the Application Form, gather the required information and complete the Form.  Also see the detailed time schedule for important dates to remember! All documents can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

How to prepare to the IPMP Research Award?

Collecting the required evidence and completing the Application Form provides you with a unique opportunity to review and document your own and your team’s performance whilst deriving lessons learnt that you can apply to future research initiatives. It also requires you to proactively engage with your project sponsor, client and key stakeholders.

The Application Form requires you to demonstrate, through narratives and documentary evidence, outstanding achievement and/or innovation in project management. Researchers may come from academia, other research institutions or industry. Researchers may come from disciplines other than project management but must contribute to the development of project, programme, portfolio management, project-oriented companies and IPMP standards. The candidates apply with a research project. The research project must have had at least a duration of one year and must be completed, when the application is handed in, that is the basis of the judges’ evaluation.

Project Management Research Awards Assessment Process

In the evaluation the Judges consider the research results as well as the research process. The evaluation criteria are:

  • Research results achieved
  • Originality and innovation
  • Theoretical foundation

The international basis of the IPMP Research Awards allows that awards applicants are permitted to submit evidence in their English language only.

Important Dates

The research project must have had at least a duration of one year and must be completed, when the application is handed in. Completion of research project may date back to January 1st. If a researcher (or lead researcher of a team) wins the IPMP Research Award, this person must not apply for the IPMP Research Awards the following three years.

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