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Become Training Provider

Key information about who is approved to deliver IPMP qualifications and other accredited programmes and the process that education and training providers have to undertake to become accredited providers. It is important that the standards of the IPMP are upheld in the learning environment, quality of staff, standards of teaching and many other areas.  See our approved centres and courses here.

Approved training providers and courses

The Institute of Project Management Professionals (IPMP) keep a running list of all providers that are approved to run the following education services:

  • IPMP qualifications – Levels 1-6 as full courses
  • IPMP qualifications – Levels 1-5 using single modules only
  • Accredited degrees leading to Chartered Membership exemption (management and on the job experience will still need to be demonstrated)
  • Endorsed short courses and CPD
  • Enquiries are advised to check our list prior to making enquiries for future study.

We also offer distance learning options when visiting a local centre is not an option.

Becoming a training provider

In order for a training provider to be able to offer IPMP qualifications, an application form and supporting information should be submitted to the Professional Academic Development Committee.

We have produced full guidelines for the accreditation of centres and course and these should be carefully followed by an education or training provider wishing to offer IPMP courses and/or receive accreditation of their degrees or other existing programmes.

Training providers should note that it is vital that IPMP Chartered Members are within the proposed teaching team to keep the standards high, and although it may be possible for an organisation to bring in guest speakers and other lecturers, we are looking for organisations that can demonstrate robust and sustainable lecturing teams in the longer-term.

We also recognise the need to flexibility, and in some cases a training provider may want to offer one of two specific units as a ‘short course’ with a Unit certificate award i.e. all project management knowledge areas etc) with the ability for the student to carry on later to achieve the full qualification. We’re happy to discuss this on a case by case basis.

Note that there are charges levied for the accreditation process, together with a requirement for a site visit to be carried out by an official representative of the Professional Academic Development Committee. The accreditation process cannot be completed within an official IPMP visit to the location, and this will include applications from Universities who are offering their degrees through overseas partnerships.

The cost of the visit should be borne by the training provider, but we often ask the local IPMP organisation to help by organising multiple visits to keep costs affordable. The local, International Professional Development Co-ordinator will be able to give individual advice on this area once an initial enquiry is received.  Where there is a local IPMP organisation in place, only IPMP Professional Academic Development Committee can formally approve the centre, although we listen carefully to the views of the local IPMP on each application.

Where there is a Territorial Organisation in place, normally they will carry out any vetting and assessment processes within that country, although the standards and process are set by IPMP Professional Academic Development Committee. Therefore, we have a rigorous application and testing process in place to make sure the standards are kept high, as well as a re-accreditation process which normally needs to be carried out every 3 years.

Recognition of Courses

IPMP Professional Academic Development Committee are also to support continuing professional development programmes and other local opportunities for professionals to learn and grow. Whilst we cannot accredit such courses we can work with the Branches or Territorial Organisations to look at ways to recognise good quality CPD. For example, a series of evening lectures, a short course or other development opportunity could be recognised by IPMP Professional Academic Development Committee.

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