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PMP Awards

Managing projects often means dealing with ever-increasing complexity and volatility. Project managers and their teams are required to give their best to achieve the desired outcomes for stakeholders, organisations or society. Are these achievements recognised enough? In IPMP Awards they are. The Ghanaian society is increasingly dependent on projects. Managing these projects successfully has become a trade that requires the right competences at the right time. IPMP is proud to celebrate these outstanding project management achievements. Dare to compete on a global scale? Enter the awards!

Honor project management excellence and earn worldwide professional recognition and esteem by nominating professionals, organizations, scholars, authors and continuing professional education providers for the project management profession’s most prestigious and globally recognized achievements. The IPMP Awards could highlight you or someone you know the true leaders of the profession who are changing the world project by project, while serving as examples of success for the next generation of project managers to follow. The program offers a wide variety of accolades. In addition to the prestigious IPMP Project of the Year and IPMP PMO of the Year awards, IPMP also honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the project management profession or to IPMP. Other awards recognize those who have made sustained and significant contributions through research or literature, while still others acknowledge the outstanding contributions of volunteers. The categories are:

IPMP Individual Awards (7 Awards)

  • Young Project Manager of the Year
  • Project Manager of the Year
  • Agile Leader of the Year
  • Project Consultant of the Year
  • Project Procurement Engineer of the Year
  • Project Financial Engineer of the Year
  • Project Health & Safety Engineer of the Year

IPMP Project Excellence Awards (8 Awards)

Small/Medium-Sized Project Categories (5)

  • IT or Telecommunications Project of the year
  • Construction or Engineering or Infrastructure Project of the year
  • Change Management or Product or Development or Marketing Project of the year
  • Social or Regional Development or Community Service Project of the year
  • Applied Research Project of the year

Large/Mega-Sized Projects Categories (2 Awards)

  • Large-Sized Projects of the year with a budget of $50-300 billion
  • Mega-Sized Projects of the year with a budget greater than $200 billion

Project Operation Room (4 Awards)

  • PMO or PMU of the Year
  • Project Company of the year
  • Project Financing Company of the year
  • Project Insurance Company of the year

Project Management Research Awards (3 Awards)

  • Young Project Management Researcher of the year
  • Project Management Researcher of the year
  • Project Management Research Achievement of the year
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