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WIP membership is fully dependent on membership of Institute of Project Management Professionals (IPMP). Female members of IPMP automatically become members of their WIP. Male members of IPMP or anyone interested in WIP but not yet a member of IPMP may become a Friend of WIP. For further information, please contact the chairperson of WIP.

Any woman between the ages of 18 and above years can become a member of the WIP. Application for membership includes:

  1. payment of the annual membership fee in the amount of 500 cedis on the bank account by WIP
  2. Providing the payment receipt, the completed application form available on the website of the WIP and a CV, as well as copy of an identification document to the email address of the Group listed in the bottom of the registration form.

Applications for membership can be made at online and IPMP Secretariat throughout the year. After confirmation of membership by the Executive Board, a member shall be entered in the Register of members, after which he/she has to renew his/her membership on an annual basis by repayment of the fee. Active engagement is achieved by collecting points for participating in the work activities of WIP. The scoring system and activities are available on the website of the Group on an annual basis.

The benefits of joining the WIP include:

  1. Acquisition of knowledge and experience in the field of project management, and pairing with organizations, educational institutions, associations and individuals with the same or similar interests
  2. Opportunity to meet project managers and their work
  3. Free participation in half-day conferences, workshops and lectures organized by WIP, the ma and partner organizations
  4. Discount on certification according to IPMP certification system
  5. Discount for multi-day trainings and workshops organized by WIP, IPMP and the Membership Association
  6. Certificates of membership and recommendation letters for work.

WIP memberships are discontinued in the event of:

  1. Voluntary withdrawal
  2. Failure to comply with taken commitments, without justifiable reasons
  3. Expulsion for violating of the statute of the ma, WIP rules of conduct or termination of the cooperation agreement. After resigning from the WIP, a member is permanently filled in the register of members, unless explicitly requested otherwise.
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