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Dear current and future IPMP Young Crew partners,

Our work and achievements at the national and international level and through the cooperation and support of many companies and institutions have proven to be a reliable partner. We believe that together with you can be one of the important links linking and building young future project managers in Ghana and beyond.

The role of advancing the knowledge and skills of young project managers from day to day becomes increasingly important and is growing steadily. IPMP Young Crew as the first non-profit association in the Republic of Ghana offers young project managers the opportunity to incorporate and co-operate on projects and acquire the knowledge and experience they need to build competencies for future project managers.

With your support and contribution, you enable us to further develop and realize some of the projects and programs we are implementing. Moreover, with your financial support, you contribute to the enrichment and development of the innovation of our further development and development of young and ambitious future project managers.

If you are interested in partnership or sponsorship contact us +233242624422 or email:

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