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Mission, Vision & Values

IPMP Young Crew is a branch founded under the auspices of the Institute of Project Management Professionals (IPMP), which is also a member of IPMA (International Project Management Association), the world’s leading non-profit project management organization. Young Crew is a key component of IPMP’s development by bringing together students, present and future project leaders up to the age of 35, thus creating a network of people who through the exchange of information and knowledge will become top experts in project management. IPMP Young Crew is part of an international youth project family that brings together people from the field of project management and students aged 21 to 35.


Develop young project leaders, present and future through the promotion of innovation and new research in project management.


Become the leading organization in the Republic of Croatia to encourage, develop and improve the knowledge and skills of young project managers.


  • Education, interaction and exchange of experience and knowledge
  • Organizing national events
  • Publishing articles, papers, newsletters
  • Organizing IPMA Young Crew Award for Best Project Leaders
  • Create a forum and an information database
  • Representing the interests of the project management profession
  • Establishing partnerships with companies and universities
  • scholarships


Candor and integrity: developing confidence (leadership through our own example and transparent actions in accordance with the IPMP-YC Rules of Conduct)

 Expertise: providing the opportunity for individual growth of the Association members through continuous learning, through encouraging the acquisition of knowledge, as well as through professional and scientific networks

 Teamwork and evaluation of contributions: work in teams in which the competency of each member is used in the best possible way, and through respecting and rewarding the achievements on an individual and team level

 Flexibility and achievements – through result-oriented and flexible members of the association who are ready to work in different environments and through measuring the quality and level of produced results

 Compassion – developing competence of the association members through the work on humanitarian projects with the goal of helping the community in which we operate

 Innovation and creativity – encouraging ideas of members of the association and helping in the reification of their ideas and implementation of their projects.

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