The Administrative Staff

IPMP office is managed by its Administrative Team, which ensures that: The Institute act in the best interests of beneficiaries; make sure money is spent on purpose intended; operate within an organizational structure which sets out purpose and rules; and avoid conflicts of interest.

The Administrative Staff is made up of the following:

  1. Executive Director/CEO/Founder                     –               Dr. David Ackah, PhD.
  2. President                                                                 –               Dr. David Ackah, PhD.
  3. Registrar                                                                 –               Makafui R. A. Ackah, CPMC
  4. Director of Strategic & Special Projects           –               Mr. Daniel Amuyaw Addo, FPMP
  5. Director of Membership                                      –               Mr. Simon Annan, FCIPS
  6. Director of Finance                                              –               Dr. Gabriel Odeh Appotey, PhD.