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Examination Policy

General Examinations Rules & Regulations (Part A)

Copies of professional examination timetables shall be pasted on Notice Board and it shall be the duty of the student member to consult these Notice Boards for details of their examinations. If it should become necessary for any changes to be made in the timetables, student members shall be informed accordingly. Student member shall report at the examinations hall/room at least 15 minutes before the time fixed for the beginning of the examination and should occupy the places assigned to them as indicated by the invigilator or Supervisor.


No student member shall enter the examination room/hall more than half-an-hour after the examination paper has been given out. In exceptional cases the candidate shall secure permission from the invigilator. No student member shall be allowed to leave the examination room until half-an-hour after the examination paper has been given out.


Student member shall not take books, papers or written information of any kind to the examination hall/room unless they are specifically requested to do so. No scribbling paper or anything that can be passed from one student member to another is allowed. Rough work and calculations must be done in the answers booklet and then crossed through to show that they are not part of the answers. You should not copy the questions into your answer booklets. In the case of multiple choice papers, rough work for calculations must be done in the question paper and under no circumstances on the answer booklet sheets.


It shall be the student members’ responsibility to provide for themselves such materials as pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, calculator for the examination. Borrowing of these materials will not be allowed. Candidates are to ensure that they are given the right question. Student members are to use their index numbers throughout the examination. You are particularly asked to read the instructions in the question papers before answering the questions. It is most important that student members’ membership number are written correctly on all examination papers.


On receipt of answer booklet, student member should carefully read the instructions on the front cover of the answer booklet and enter their index numbers and other details as required. Student members may leave the examination room/hall temporarily only with express permission of the invigilator. Any student member leaving an examination room/hall and intending to return shall be accompanied.


MOBILE PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE EXAMINATION ROOM/HALL. Student members would be told by the invigilator(s) when to start answering the questions. Student members would be allowed a reading time to check that the question paper is the correct one, all questions are readable and there are no missing pages.


No communication whatsoever, between student members is permitted during the examination. A student member may attract the attention of the invigilator by raising his/her hand. As soon as the “STOP WORK” order is announced, student members are to stop writing. Student members should remain seated for their answer booklets to be collected by the invigilator/invigilation assistant before they leave the examination room. Student members have the personal responsibility for ensuring that their answer booklets are collected by the invigilator/invigilation assistant.


At the end of each examination, student members should ensure that numbers of questions are entered in the order they have answered in the space provided on the answer booklet. All used supplementary sheets should be fastened following the last page of the booklets. At the end of each examination, student members should not take away any used or unused answer booklets or any material supplied for the examination. Student members who go contrary, to the spirit and letter of these examination rules and regulations may be dismissed from the examination room/hall and their papers cancelled as specified in PART B of this regulation.


Examination Malpractices

All examination malpractices shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions stipulated in part B of this general rules and regulations, as well as approved internal examination regulations of the institution. These include:


Unprofessional Examination Practices with Associated Penalties (Part B)

                          UNPROFESSIONAL PRACTICES


Bringing Prepared notes to the examination Hall which is

·        Relevant to the examination Question

·        Not relevant to the examination question


·        Cancellation of Paper

·        Invigilator shall withhold student answer booklet for one (1) Hour.

A student Showing up one (1) Hour late in to the Examination Hall

Shall not be allowed to sit for the particular paper unless with prior notice.

Possessing Mobile Phone during Examination for

·        Assessing information relevant to the questions

·        Possession without assessing information


·        Bared from sitting for subsequent papers in that level.

·        Invigilator shall withhold answer booklets for thirty (30) minutes.

Failing three or more papers per level

Shall not proceed to the next level

Communicating during examination

Invigilator shall withhold answer booklets for thirty (30) minutes for disturbing the session.

Spending more than ten (10) minutes in the washroom

Invigilator shall withhold answer booklets for thirty (30) minutes.

Removing sheets from the Examination Answer booklets

Bared from subsequent examination in that particular level.

Copying during the examination session

Cancellation of the paper in question

Insults or Assault on the Invigilator

Dismissal from the Examination hall.

Prepared notes on any part of the body

Dismissal from the examination hall

Destroying materials suspected to help establish cases of examination malpractices

Dismissal from the examination hall.



All student members shall read and understand the general rules and regulations. All student’s members who contravene the provisions provided in the general rules and regulations of the professional examination shall face the Examination Committee of the Institute, once found guilty on the grounds of firm evidence, the corresponding punishment shall be applied.

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